Huon Valley Community Mapping

This survey asked community members to map coastal, marine, and terrestrial places of significance in the Huon Valley to better understand why these places are important to those who have meaningful connections to the region. This information will be vital in developing systems that can help protect these places and maintain their value now and into the future.

The Huon Valley region identified for the purposes of this study

At present, this study was limited to those living (including temporary residents, such as shack owners and people whose families live in the area), people with businesses and/or those working in the Huon Valley as well as anyone who has a significant connection to the area.

If you have any questions or feedback concerning this survey or are experiencing any problems, please contact us. Our contact details will be accessible at the top of the screen throughout the survey and are available in the ‘researchers’ section of this website.

This survey is now finished. If you completed it, expect to get your $10 gift voucher in the coming months.