Dimuthu Jayakody

The ‘east coast community mapping’ project is a component of a PhD thesis being conducted by Dimuthu Jayakody from the School of Geography and Spatial Sciences at the University of Tasmania (Utas) and the Centre of Marine Socioecology, UTas. The project team consists of Dimuthu and her three academic supervisors, Dr Vanessa Adams, Professor Gretta Pecl and Professor Libby Lester.

Dimuthu has a background in marine biology and protected area management. Her PhD combines these fields of study and seeks to explore the influence of place attachment among coastal communities towards improving management and conservation of marine resources.

Malcolm Johnson

The ‘Huon Valley mapping’ project is a component of Malcolm’s PhD thesis for the School of Geography and Spatial Sciences at the University of Tasmania (UTas) and the Centre of Marine Socioecology (CMS). His project team consists of Mr. Johnson and his three academic supervisors, Dr. Vanessa Adams, Dr. Rebecca Harris, and Professor Jason Byrne.

Malcolm has a background in ocean and coastal resource management, with work experience in coral reef monitoring, marine protected area establishment, catchment area planning, and ecosystem restoration. His PhD is focused on the discrepancies between perceived and projected climate change across terrestrial, coastal, and marine places.

Dr Vanessa Adams

Dr Vanessa Adams is a Senior Lecturer in Conservation and Planning at the University of Tasmania. Her research focuses on modelling dynamic social-ecological systems to inform conservation decisions that improve ecosystems and the communities they support. This means her research is broadly aligned with three themes: ecological modelling (to understand dynamic ecosystems), socio-economic aspects of conservation (to understand the human dimensions of social-ecological systems), and conservation decision theory (to inform decision making).