Landscape Values Mapping Platform

The Landscape Values Mapping Platform (LVMP) was developed as a tool to facilitate the collection of spatially explicit social data to aid place-based environmental planning efforts. The primary function of this tool is to enable researchers to administer quantitative, scale-based questionnaires alongside PPGIS mapping segments. Researchers can use a range of survey question types and adapt PPGIS mapping to their particular research needs, including specifying what information to map, what mapping categories to include, how terms are defined, and the scale at which participants can map points, amongst many other features. With this tool, environmental scientists and decision makers can effectively map the social or human components of natural resource management, land use planning, marine spatial planning, and conservation management towards successful place-based outcomes.

An outline of the tool and it’s many features can be found in the PDF document below. If you are interested in using the LVMP in your research please contact us.